“I decided to learn the guitar aged 38 and arranged tuition with Adam as soon as I bought my guitar.  Two great decisions!  Adam’s talent as a teacher comes across with every lesson.  I look forward to our sessions every week and always leave on a high.  Adam is patient, encouraging and inspirational with both his lessons and passion for music.  As a result my confidence on the guitar is up as is my energy for practicing – a thoroughly enjoyable start to learning the guitar!”

“Adam is a brilliant teacher. He always manages to make his lessons interesting, by using varied, well known pieces of music which keep my young daughter interested and give her a real sense of achievement and progress. He always plays pieces with her and frequently demonstrates what can be done with a guitar – amazing to hear! Highly recommended.”

“Adam has been teaching me guitar for the last 7 months. I was a complete beginner and well into middle age. His lessons are always fun, constructive and informative. I am now able to enjoy playing my guitar at home and look forward to my lessons weekly. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

“My son Will has been learning the guitar with Adam for two years, he started as a beginner he practices regularly and has progressed well. Not only is Adam a great teacher he is a very talented guitarist with a passion for music who inspires his pupils.”

“Having decided to learn the guitar at the age of 60 ( 50 years to late !! ) I contacted Adam to arrange my first lesson, I’m now coming to the end of my first year of lessons and can honestly say that it has been a really enjoyable experience. Adam has patience like Bill Gates has money, a never ending supply, the lesson have always interesting and varied with a follow up the next week of the music I have been practicing at home. It is hugely encouraging to have Adam play along with me which he started to do quite early on in the lessons, it gives you confidence to keep continuing playing and practicing. I would really recommend Adam’s style of teaching I believe he has got me further in one year than other more orthodox teachers would have done.”

“Adam’s passion for music and teaching really shows through and this makes the lessons all the more enjoyable. He let’s you progress at your own pace but always pushes and challenges you.”

“Adam is singularly focused with making his students improve, quickly and with solidity. He does not pander to any rockisms and instead focuses on making his lessons informative and relevant to becoming a better guitarist. On top of this they are immensely enjoyable, with improvisation being an integral part of the lesson, allowing technical learning and music theory to finally be as enjoyable and immediate as learning a song.”

“My son has been having lessons with Adam for nearly a year now. Paul has really enjoyed the lessons and each one has been tailored to suit his needs and interests. Adam makes the lessons fun and informative. Paul has learned a lot from Adam who is an excellent teacher. I have already recommended Adam to two of my friends sons and they are now having guitar lessons.”

“I would like to thank you very much for your help and support. I honestly feel that you’ve given me a brilliant grounding in the basics which I’ll be able to build on over time. The amount of resources you’ve given me has been greatly appreciated.”

“I have wanted to learn to play the guitar for many years but for what ever reason – maybe lack of confidence or concerns over having little ability has prevented me from taking lessons. I also thought you would enter into a very “prim and proper” examination type environment of learning. My thoughts were totally misplaced. Firstly you  always make me feel very welcome.You are friendly and approachable. Lessons are held in a relaxed, comfortable environment one to one. I can take my time and learn at my own pace.You are very patient – which is just as well!!  I can have a laugh with you. There are no tests to take  – you just make it enjoyable to learn . There is no pressure. Music notation is provided and this is explained in a way which makes it easier to understand. The use of TABS (I was not aware of this different form of music notation until i started lessons) is a great concept. You do not need to know how to read music in its usual format. That can come later. TABS tells you where to put your fingers on the fret board.
You can learn the style of music you want to play – pop, rock, blues etc – lessons are very varied and ideas are kept fresh – this makes for continued enjoyment.
The thing is, there is no time limit – it’s not as if you have to learn this or that by a certain time – you achieve your own goals in your time – the idea is to have fun, play a tune or two and enjoy. And I have achieved all three and continue to do so!!
Best decision I have made  for years – I am only sorry I did not decide earlier – thanks Adam.
Now where’s that 6 string – need to flex those fingers!!!”

“I knew nothing about guitar when I started lessons with Adam.  He is very patient and knowledgeable, and always has time for my questions. There is no pressure when trying to achieve certain levels, so I can learn at my own pace.  I enjoy and look forward to my weekly lesson with him.”

“I started playing acoustic guitar in November 2011 – I have always wanted to play a musical instrument but never quite found the time to do so until now – and thank goodness I found Adam (well actually my son did) to teach me. I am full of praise for Adam’s professionalism, knowledge and infectious enthusiasm for music and guitar playing.  I feel that in a few short months I have learned an enormous amount about many styles of music and the theory that goes with it.  I have made steady progress with learning to play the guitar and now mainly use my son’s 1997 Ibanez electric guitar – which I love. Thank you Adam for your patience, and the warm and welcoming environment in which you teach – much appreciated.”

“Having been an electric guitar fanatic since the days of Hank Marvin, “The Shadows” and “Apache”, at the end of 2010 I finally put down my air guitar and bought the real thing!  I soon realised that, if I was to make any progress, I needed some sort of tuition.  After some false starts, I found Adam and what a stroke of luck that was.  Adam is extremely talented and quickly found out the type of music (blues and rock) and guitarists that I liked to listen to and has used this as the basis for his lessons which only enhances my enjoyment of learning to play.  Even when my stiff old fingers land on the wrong fret or lose the rhythm, Adam’s patience comes through to get me back on track.  He has also taught me the basics of music theory and shown me why some notes together make music while others make noise!  It is always a pleasure to play with Adam and to hear my guitar through amplifiers and speakers as it is supposed to be heard rather than the headphones which I have to use at home.  Adam never rushes me and always has time to talk, whether about the guitar and guitarists or any other subject which we might drift on to.  Have I made progress? Yes, most definitely and with all thanks to Adam.  If you are thinking of taking up the guitar or already have and are looking for a teacher, give Adam a call – you won’t regret it!”

“My 9 year old son Oliver has progressed over a few months with his practical playing skills and confidence in learning to read and play the electric guitar. Adam has developed not only Oliver’s playing technique but has enabled his own enthusiasm and talent to demonstrate to Oliver different styles of music that can be achieved through the guitar. Adam has a professional approach with all the appropriate equipment and is efficient in planning and preparing lessons. Adam is very patient providing a friendly relaxed but structured atmosphere and he promotes bringing the Childs musical interests into the lesson and builds on individual preferences with keen motivation. Oliver enjoys his weekly lessons and looks forward to seeing Adam and learning new songs so he can perform to his brothers! His confidence has grown and it is a very valuable worthwhile opportunity and rewarding to see him enjoy something so much.”

“Billy started to have lessons with Adam because he need to play a short piece on guitar for a school project, He enjoyed it so much that he has had weekly lessons ever since and has learnt an enormous amount in a vey short time. What I am most impressed with, is the way he is able to teach the basics while at the same time ensuring he is teaching using the type of music Billy most enjoys.”

“I learnt to play the acoustic guitar when I was very young for a while and after many decades decided to try again, mainly for pleasure. I was lucky to have found Adam as a guitar teacher and have been having lessons regularly for the past 6 months. Adam is a true professional and patient teacher. I feel I have made good progress and can thoroughly recommend him to anyone who needs guitar tuition.”

“Having loved guitar music of many kinds for many years, at the age of 50 I decided it was time to learn to play. I bought my first acoustic and to my surprise and delight, my wife found Adam and booked my first lesson with him on my 50th birthday. Adam’s friendly, supportive and patient tuition has been exactly what I was looking for. I have a long way to go in learning to play but I have made a good start on a life-long musical journey – all thanks to Adam. He has boundless patience and enthusiasm for his art. He is a true professional and I feel very privileged to be able to learn from him.”